Setting sail

Peter, Becke and I are busy today packing our suitcases and briefcases with everything we need for a week away. We leave early, early tomorrow morning and arrive in Florida in the evening. It is all in preparation for the biggest trade show in the world that caters to the theme park industry. We've attended the massive show many times through the years but always as an observer rather than a participant. This year will be our first as an exhibitor. Over the last year we've been busy designing and fabricating our show booth and stocking it full of all manners of eye candy. We've made links with potential clients and invited them to visit us at the show. Our place on the floor is but a tiny 100 square feet out of the 550,000 square feet of the show. To see it all one needs to walk more than nine miles of aisles.

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment