Merry Dragon

With each project we tackle there are a few things we do that push the bar ever higher. We try new things and always take our projects one step further than we've gone previously. Last week we received a request for a display piece for Precision Board which will be displayed at an upcoming trade show. The piece needed to demonstrate some cool things that can be done with their product. The piece needed to be attention grabbing of course. After some discussion we decided that a fun little pub sign would do the trick nicely. I've had an idea in my head for a while about a cute little dragon and so the fictitious pub's name became 'Merry Dragon'. The sign would push our capabilities using our CNC router. It would also showcase how we combine various materials and textures as we routed into Precision Board HDU.

I then whipped up a sketch to present my ideas to our client. The answer from our good friends at Precision Board was an enthusiastic YES! As soon as we received confirmation production began. This is going to be fun!

Dan SawatzkyComment