No such thing as too strong.

My dad often gives me a hard time about over building our creations. He was a carpenter and knew how to build strong but in his mind I've taken what he has taught me to the extreme. But I learned well from him. He built projects out of wood on concrete foundations. Those projects remain decades later. In our case our projects are designed to be transported before they are permanently fastened in place. Most often the public interacts with our projects as well. Experience has taught me that there is no such thing as too strong and we simply can't risk a failure.

On my latest little project it might just be possible that I have gotten just a teeny bit carried away. The stand for the Merry Dragon sign has a 3" x 3" steel tubing core. I wanted to make the project bottom heavy so it has no chance of toppling over if someone accidentally bumps into it. The bracket pieces are all cut from 1/4" steel plate and fully welded along their edges. To provide a little more weight on the lower end I decided to cut the bottom plate from half inch steel. After I welded it up and did a little grinding I wanted to move it to the floor. But there was no possible way I could lift it by myself. It might be too heavy even with a couple of crew helping. I might have to use the forklift on this one. But then again I will be able to sleep soundly knowing no one will tip it over. :)

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments