We've long offered a TEXTURE MAGIC DVD for sale on our site. It's a collection of bitmaps which are used to generate textures when using 3D software to create routing files. Each time we sold a disk I burned a copy and then trudged down to the post office to send it off. The long term goal was to offer the collection of texture files as a digital download, This would mean our customers could use the textures on the day they made their purchase instead of waiting for the post office to make the delivery. Today, Peter finished reworking our website to allow that to happen. 

With our digital download store now set up and open it means we can soon offer some other long awaited items we've been working on. The first will be an e-book which I've been writing for a little more than eleven years. Hopefully within the next week or so it will be available. The book chronicles our many, many wonderful adventures during Phoebe's first five years. The book is called "Being a grampa is the most wonderful thing!" Coming very soon!

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments