Space age

Today, Phoebe and I went to the Kennedy Space Center. I've long been interested in rockets and all things space related and Phoebe has too. For the first time ever I took advantage of the senior's discount. It was disconcerting. It felt the same as when I was formally introduced at an event a while back as a 'master' sign maker and theme park builder. In my opinion I'm too young to be a senior and too inexperienced to wear the 'master' title. Hopefully I have many years to go and I know I still have much to learn.

As we walked through the many 'historical' displays and our guide kept pointing out that the Space Center had fifty years of history I realized I am indeed pretty old. I vividly remember the space race, the first man in space, the first man setting foot on the moon and pretty much all of the other space achievements honoured in that massive place. In three more years I will qualify for a senior's discount everywhere I go. I may just have to get used to the 'masters' designation too eventually. It all makes me want to hurry and get as much experience in as I possibly can so I can hopefully pass the test.

Dan SawatzkyComment