Planning for our old age

Today, on the radio I listened to a financial wealth manager. His advise was that we should live sparingly, putting as much money aside for our old age as possible. He suggested that if we wished to travel when we got old we would need extra money for that purpose.

His advise while fitting for some I suppose it struck me as wrong for us. We know so many people, not many years older than us who have health issues that keep them from travel. Others who do travel don't have the energy to to do the things they dreamed of. Still others travel alone as the person they wanted to travel with is now gone.

I firmly believe we should definitely live within our means, and save for a rainy day. But I also am a firm believer that we should travel, if we are so inclined, when we are as young as possible. In my opinion we should live life as a grand adventure and collect as many wonderful memories along our journey as possible.

As for us, we are planning our next trip, soon to take Phoebe and Becke to DisneyWorld, for their first visit. It's going to be fun! One more set of memories will be gathered to retell in our old age.

Dan SawatzkyComment