Paper trails

Having been a deliverer of papers back when I was young I understand that the only way to make a decent income is to deliver the papers as fast as possible. Generally this means tossing them onto the porch of your customers. Some complained if their papers got wet or scattered by the wind. That meant I had to take more care and time to tuck the paper into their screen door. The best customers provided a box for the papers, preferably by the road which meant I didn't even have to get off my bike or leave the sidewalk. Fast forward fifty some years... now it is my turn to be the old man customer who's fussy about how my paper gets delivered but I remember clearly that time is money for these guys. A mailbox out by the sidewalk would do the trick, but we could do much better than that. The gatepost was sculpted into a giant gnarly old tree and the hollow knot hole serves as the box for the paper. We planted some ornamental grasses and a vine that climbs up the tree to provide the leaves in the future. We'll train it onto the branches and trim it to hang over the man gate. In it's first growing season the vines already are making great progress and visually soften the hard sculpted concrete.

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment