Grampa train

Ten years ago when we first heard the news of the impending birth of our first grand daughter I was just starting a project I had long dreamed of - the grampa train. I knew then it wouldn't be done in a short time for these kinds of projects can't be hurried. They have to be fit around all the other things in life. And because our lives are very full the train is not quite finished yet. Even so we've shared many great adventures with me pushing the very heavy train on the rails with Phoebe riding in the cab, ringing the bell the whole way. I believe every grampa should have an electric train to share with their grand kids. The one we have just happens to be BIG. Recently, Peter and Hailey came to us with some very exciting news... the next grand daughter will soon be here. It's time to get a little more serious about that train. With the engine named after Phoebe I guess the caboose will bear the name of the next.

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment