Two of a kind - almost

Those who drive down the main drag in our little town of Yarrow can't miss our house it seems. It isn't exactly ordinary and with the landscaping now almost complete it really jumps out at passers by.

Down the street is another house that has been gathering a lot of attention of late as well. The house, of course, belongs to Peter and Hailey. This summer the decade long renovation project got a lot of concentrated attention and the front and sides are now almost done. The back is coming along nicely too and will be done by summer's end. Much of the design for the front and beginnings of the work came from Phoenix and Becke with Peter and Hailey filling in the gaps. While the house's design is dramatically different in style from ours it is also vaguely familiar. It uses many of the same techniques and is a dramatic blend of real and faux materials.

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments