Buried treasure

After many setbacks and delays, the official sod turning ceremony for Scallywag Bay is now at hand at last. As we hastily planned the event we knew a typical sod turning would not suffice. Inspired by the legend of Scallywag Bay we decided the assembled officials should instead dig for buried treasure. As the official ceremony proceeds I will 'interrupt' and produce an authentic map of Scallywag Bay. It will pin point the proper place for them to dig for the hidden treasure. The treasure chest will contain a souvenir gold coin (a Canadian loonie) for everyone in attendance...  This meant we needed a treasure chest in a hurry. We quickly gathered available hand tools, and materials on hand and set to work, improvising as we went. I missed my well equipped shop at home but we successfully produced a nice little chest suitable for the grand event! 

Dan SawatzkyComment