Finishing a giant puzzle

Building a theme park is a lot like building a really big jigsaw puzzle. At first the task seems daunting, so many pieces and not much to go on. But you start with the edges, defining the boundaries and then move to the easy sections. Eventually it all falls into place. With the Trinidad project we are in the final stages of the prefabrication and the last features are getting their details. Yesterday, Jack welded the skull cutout into the centre of the gate. Only the paint is left on this piece.

Today I spent a little time finishing the hand work on the plaque for Kydd Scallywag, the captain's son. There is of course a story to go along with the bust but that will be saved for the visitors to the park when it opens...  This piece too will be painted this week making it ready to slide into a shipping container as well.

Dan SawatzkyComment