Service with a smile

Yesterday our paddle mixer which we use to mix our special kind of concrete stopped working in a flash.. The mixer had served us flawlessly under hard use for a year. The noise it made as it ground to a halt wasn't the good kind. The first thing I checked was the shear pin but it was intact. That most likely meant the problem was in the transmission. I pulled out my phone and looked up the information for the manufacturer and dialed the number. I needed a new transmission or a new mixer in a hurry. Michelle answered my call and was eager to help. She promised me they would get the needed parts on the way that same day. Then she surprised me by offering to see if they could be replaced under warrantee, something I never considered or asked for. It turned out there were still seven days of warranty left on the mixer before it expired.

This morning when we returned to the shop we dismantled the mixer and transmission. Sure enough the main gear had shattered. I took some pictures and sent them via email to the manufacturer. Michelle emailed back within twenty minutes informing me that the new transmission would be provided at no charge. It was in fact on the way already. That's mighty fine service!

If you are looking for a quality mixer manufactured by folks who truly stand behind their product I would heartily recommend CROWN Equipment

THANKS for the great service!