Laying track

It is always an exciting day when the first major steel of a role coaster is erected. Today was that day up at Cultus Lake Adventure Park. The station timbers were first put in place but before the roof was installed the track had to be installed from above. It was a tight squeeze to thread the long sections of track between the uprights.

I couldn't resist climbing up to the top of the mountain to get a peek of what the guests will see as they roar into the braking station of the building.

At the other end of the station the first corner sweeps up into the steep climb hill right at the edge of the park.

When I was up on the mountain I also grabbed this panorama shot of the park. The empty space in the center will soon be filled with a giant pendulum ride which arrives in a couple of weeks.

Stay tune for more pictures next week as the rest of the track is craned into place...

Dan SawatzkyComment