Having fun in Vegas

Las Vegas isn't my favorite destination. I don't drink, smoke, gamble or any of the other things that this place offers in abundance. Large crowds and dark, noisy places don't hold much appeal to me. The purpose of my trip was business and my days were very full with my time on the trade show floor, meetings, and meals with colleagues and business associates afterwards. I definitely had many laughs and enjoyable times over the three days. Even so, as I went to my room last night, I was determined to let loose and have a little fun. As I waited for the elevator in the crowded lobby a boisterous family with young kids was also waiting their turn. As our elevator came I noticed a few (stodgy) guests tried their best to take another elevator instead of getting on with the kids. The elevator was packed. I purposely backed into the furthest corner and waited. The two youngest parked themselves right by the buttons and under their parents watchful eye they cheerfully and dutifully pressed the buttons as the guests called out their room numbers. My turn was last. My room was on the 18th floor but there was only one thing to do as the kids turned to me and asked which floor...

Much to their delight I instructed them to push ALL the buttons.

Dan Sawatzky3 Comments