Designing on the go.

It is not very often we build things as we first imagine them. The concept drawings are great for presenting or selling an idea but on most occasions these drawings are are but the starting point for our project design. Good ideas always follow. As the build begins the real thinking starts and as we proceed there are often changes. The current project is a good example. We are building a TV stand for the MultiCam trade show booth. The stand was to have fastened to the backboard originally. But we decided it would be much sturdier and safer to make the stand a little wider and to also make it free standing. Angle braces were the ideal solution to make it wobble free. And to go with the mechanical steampunk look these braces would be disguised to look like giant hydraulic cylinders. As I built the routing files I decided to route in a brand name on the cylinders - just for fun. Kris Co. is a nod to Kris, the president and general manager of MultiCam.

The original design captured the spirit of the project but still left lots of room for creativity along the way. We've got some cool modifications to the design worked out. The piece should be ready for painting by the end of tomorrow.

Tune in tomorrow for a good look at how it will come together.

Dan SawatzkyComment