Hailey's GREAT idea

I love to draw as a way to pass time when I'm traveling. Wedged into an airplane seat or lounging in an airport I find once the ideas start flowing I can fill a bunch of pages in my sketchbook in a hurry. If I'm on an airplane any reference material is far away forcing me to draw on the fly. Bad pun, but true. The best way to draw is loose and fast, exploring and refining ideas as I go on successive pages of my sketchbook. Peter was sitting in the same row and working furiously on the same project.  We were dueling with an idea for the last sign for a ride up at Cultus called the 'Round-Up'. Hailey won the draw with the idea of a sheriff rattle snake, complete with six shooters and a tin star. Working from that idea and Peter's sketches the final rendering was quickly put together.

This one is going to be a fun project!

Dan SawatzkyComment