From the ground up

It's always fun to do the fancy decorative parts of a project but before we can do those things we have to start with a very firm foundation. For the trade show booth we needed to make it strong enough to withstand many thousands of miles of travel and to be able to be handled without fear of damage. My dad always laughs when he sees our construction, always thinking it much, much too heavy... but I believe there's no such thing as too strong. This frame certainly qualifies.

The bottom section of the booth needed to have forklift pockets built in. Because it will be handled by others without our supervision we could leave nothing to chance. The booth can be picked up from any side or end and should be able to withstand just about anything imaginable. It is able to be fastened down to the transport truck bed by throwing the chains through the pockets.. Now the fun begins as we build up from the sturdy base.

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment