Now that the box is done it is time to begin assembling and finishing the pieces that will sit on top. To fulfill the rules, the design must include the word 'SIGN'. On my project SIGN will form the base of the planet. The top surface will have a radial pattern from the rocket blast. I cut the letters on our MultiCam CNC router and then glued them to the specially shaped backer. Two identical pieces were done for front and back. The top was hand shaped. Then the fun part began - the hand sculpting. In a short time it came together nicely and I mocked it up to check how it looked.

Normally we like to do all of our assembly before we start the painting process but with the intricately layered design on this piece I will be painting the pieces as I work my way to the top.

The bottom piece (below) is finished while the top still needs it's final glaze. Gilding is next. Stay tuned...

Dan SawatzkyComment