Time to head south!

While Canada is well known as the great white north, the truth is we don't see much snow locally, most years it is not even worth plowing the driveway. If it does snow a few inches, it quickly turns to rain and the next day the white stuff will only be  memory. Our kids, now grown, have never seen a white Christmas. We live on the west coast, only sixty feet above sea level and about fifty-five miles from the ocean. That effects our climate in a large way. But the mountains which surround us are a different story, with the closest less than half a mile distant. Vedder Mountain rises up steeply, a little more than three thousand feet in elevation. This morning the top of the mountain was capped with snow. Our lawn remains green (as it should be). Just the same I'm kinda glad I hop a plane early tomorrow bound for balmy Florida. Although the business trip to IAAPA, a theme park convention is a very quick one it will give me a chance to thaw out a little.  :)

Dan SawatzkyComment