Going... going... gone!

Today was an exciting day at the shop for it was time to send three more containers full of features (number 10, 11 and 12) on their long journey to Trinidad. Organizing a large shipment is always a big deal. There's all the plentiful paper work of course. The trucking company, shipping company, broker and crane company all have to coordinated. After a flurry of last minute shuffling yesterday everyone was finally on the same page for the shipment today- one day earlier than planned. The giant crane arrived a bit early and the complex job of unhooking the trailing dolly, positioning the crane and hooking up the container as all done just in time for the first truck to arrive. It was tight this time with the giant tree on the back and the crane wedged in-between two containers and the fence. There were literally two or three inches to spare on all sides. Skillful work by the crane operator and the drivers made it all work flawlessly. Two more containers are yet to be filled in Yarrow to complete this job.

container number 10.png
Dan SawatzkyComment