Full outside too

Each time after a piece is sculpted in the shop it is pushed back out onto the parking lot to cure and another armature is pushed inside to get its turn with the concrete mud. This happens every day or two. Then they are pushed back in to get their coats of paint, a process takes a little longer, up to a week on the bigger pieces. After they are painted they are moved out again and stored until we have enough to fill a forty foot long sea container, or rather three of them. The result is a parking lot full of sculpted pieces.

There also are two sea containers already full in the lot. The next will arrive soon. Once it is full we'll call in the giant crane and trucks to load the containers onto the trucks for shipment to the port and beyond.

The full parking lot makes for narrow lanes for the forklift and large trucks delivering supplies. The wheels on each piece allow them to be moved (with considerable effort) as necessary and it happens a lot these days.

Dan SawatzkyComment