Mass production

It isn't very often we make more than one sign of any kind in our shop but on occasion, as part of a larger project this is called for. The adventure golf requires many signs as do all of the rides. Each entrance and exit need to be clearly marked. Chances are people won't read the signs but they still need to be there and for this project they need to be dimensional of course. Since there are seven attractions it meant seven sets of these signs.

There are also a whole bunch of rules signs for the golf as well. Smoking is not allowed and for safety reasons no climbing nor running is permitted. Because this is a family park we added 'No Cussin' as well.

The signs were trimmed and then woodgrain was carved into the ends and edges by hand. A sturdy metal frame was laminated into the middle of each sign with a strong piece of steel framework sticking out of the back. This was trimmed to length and then welded to a welded steel armature that will be sculpted to look like a piece of bamboo. These will be 'planted' around the golf where needed.

Now the steel lath will be finished on these posts and then in one day all of them will get their bamboo shaped sculpted concrete. One last marathon painting spree will see all of them get color. Then at last we can get back to one of a kind signs and features once more.

Dan SawatzkyComment