Wider angle house pictures

I was talking to a good friend from Colorado today and he asked me to post pictures of the house as it appears now. Up to the wedding I had posted many pictures of sections of the yard but not one of wider angles of the complete project. As the yard came together in the days before the wedding the decorations were being put up and I never got such a picture. Today I remedied that.

There is still plenty to do, with two thirds of the front yard still to be landscaped. In the back yard there is still work to be done as well. But the yard does look very nice and it makes me smile each time I walk to and from the shop. This shot is from the center of the back yard.

This second shot of the backyard is from the top of a ladder in the driveway to better show how we laid out the back sidewalks.

From the street the house has plenty of curb appeal, even with the front yard landscaping still in progress.

We hope to continue the progress on the yard this summer and perhaps by the time the rainy weather sets in we will have the bulk of the work behind us.

-grampa dan

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