Happy Pirate Day!

Today was declared 'OFFICIAL PIRATE DAY' in our shop in honor of our fine crew. We are now full blast into the Skallywag Bay project plus two of our crew are going back to university next week and a third is returning to their high scool studies after summer break. 

There were many ways to observe and celebrate 'OFFICIAL PIRATE DAY' including pirate lingo, eye patches, various piratey weapons and garb, plus pirate music also played on the sound system. There turned out to be quite an assortment of songs to enjoy and sing along with.

At lunch time it was PIRATE PACKS complete with a gold coin (filled with chocolate) (from the White Spot restaurant) for all and with the pirate ship to play with later.

We also took an official crew picture on the pirate ship.
A good time was had by all. Happy Pirate Day!
-grampa dan
Dan Sawatzky3 Comments