Why did the rooster cross the tracks?

As we have developed our property over the last twelve years the only thing constant has been change. The property grades have changed as much as six feet and rolling lawns have replaced flat ground. The old house is gone and is now replaced by the nice new one. Fence lines have changed and driveways have been re-routed as needed. With each change, the signs on the property have also been moved.

Now, with the grades, fence lines, train tracks and driveways being set permanently its time to find permanent locations for the signs. The sign that has moved the most is the rooster sign. It's new home is on the corner of the lawn, beside the tracks at the edge of the driveway. Here it will hopefully be safe from vehicles backing up or turning. We'll have to touch up the scars from previous encounters.

The rooster and sign will remind those who travel down the driveway to go slow and watch for those who might roam across their path.

The rooster crossed the tracks to get to it's permanent home.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment