Visualizing Skull Rock

The climbing wall for the project in Trinidad will be done by a team that specializes in this kind of work. It's technical and best left to experts. But it also needs to look cool and fit in with the pirate theme we envision. That means I get to design it. 

I had done some concept drawings but drawings don't always convey the final ideas well. We decided a scale model would be a better bet and ensure the vision was passed on perfectly. With our shifting gears from the Cultus Lake project it was finally time to do up the model.

The study model we built today stands about two feet tall. Now imagine the real thing standing over sixty feet high! On each side of the rock there will be two short climbing lanes (for the younger guests) and two tall climbing lanes for the more adventurous. There will also be a 50 foot tall jump (with a controlled descent) from the skull's mouth. Lush jungle greenery will spout from three large planters on the top.

I can hardly wait to see the real thing take shape! Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment