Burning the midnight oil

It's not often we have to work late into the night as I like to push early in a project so the deadlines don't catch us. But every once in a while I under estimate the amount of work needed to be done and it is necessary to break out the work lights. Tomorrow morning at 7:00 am the first load of concrete arrives and along with it the placing crew. They need forms to place the concrete in. At nine tonight we realized there was still a fair amount to do and Peter got the call to come help. As always he was willing to lend a hand.

The form work was (as per usual) in wonderful curves and required a careful eye to get it right.

I'll get up extra early to wet down the gravel and give it a once over with the plate packer for good measure. By tomorrow night there will be lots more sidewalks in place. Then we'll finish the grading of the driveway in preparation for the pavement late this week. Once that is in control we'll form up the back deck and then start in on the final grading of the backyard in preparation for the turf early next week.

Becke has been busy planting flowers in the front and the yard is looking pretty spiffy - just in time for the wedding at the end of the month. There's nothing quite like a deadline to get things done. :)

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment