Something as complex as a theme park doesn't open merely with the twist of a key in a lock. Once the construction is done the rides must be checked and tested, manuals and operating proceedures need to be written and approved by the authorities, staff needs to be trained, and countless details taken care of throughout the park. Only then can the gates be opened.

Cultus Lake Adventure Park has achieved a partial soft opening - a huge milestone. In this brief period staff will recieve their final training, the final landscape will be done, and every attraction and area will be opened to the public as they are ready. Only then will the grand opening will be celebrated.

Today the park was busy as all of the arrangements and procedures were methodically done. Just after supper hour it was time at last to take down the barriers and let the public take a first look. The crowd was waiting and ready for some fun...

Here's a quick peek.

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky5 Comments