Exciting day

Today another tall steel ride was tipped into place - always an exciting event. Chris, the owner was all smiles.

While we were in lifting mode the waterwheel was also set in it's place permanently, another milestone for the project.

While all the exciting lifting was going on we were busy doing rock work in the western area of the park. We made GREAT progress with about 150 feet of wall done today.

Sarah and Jack had a no speaking bet on the go today. At quitting time, including an hour of overtime, neither had buckled. It was decided that an arm wrestle would settle the bet. Jack should have known better for Sarah works out pretty regularly at the gym. 

Tomorrow will be a rare day indeed as most of the crew are coming in for a day of overtime work on a Saturday. It's the first time we've done this in almost fifteen years but our deadline is looming and the weather is great. I am grateful to a wonderful and willing crew!

-grampa dan 

Dan SawatzkyComment