Little grass shack(s)

I think we have all dreamed of building a little grass shack on a tropical island at some time or other. With the Trinidad project we get to do just that - times four - sort of. We are buidling what will appear to be four little bamboo and grass shacks to function as operator booths for the attractions. Only these will not be built from real bamboo or grass. Instead we will fashion them with heavy welded structural steel frames. Around this we will sculpt fiberglass reinforced concrete to form the 'boards and bamboo posts'. The roof will be synthetic grass thatch. As always things will be a little off kilter and cartoonized just enough to be real happy and fun. These little shacks will be built to withstand many years of theme park wear and tear and still look like they were built yesterday.

Just thinking about this project makes me want to sing that old Don Ho Hawiian song - only with Trinidad steel drums instead of a ukelele. My little grass shack...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment