Winter interlude

I fully understand that compared to the prairies, the midwest and the east our winters here on the west coast are non-existant. Just the same when we do get a little snow it is a pretty big deal - especially this late in the winter season. We manage to keep busy in the shop and when it is cool or damp it's our work place of choice. But during the cold snaps or when it snows the work on the site slows down or even stops. That creates more than a little anxiety for the owner as our completion date will not move.

Yesterday it began to snow and by this morning there was about six inches of the fluffy white stuff on the ground. It hasn't let up as of yet. Tomorrow, with warming temps and rain forecast will be a shop day without a doubt. It will be too sloppy to work outside.

I heeded the forecast and stocked the shop up with materials and projects. I've been keeping the CNC router busy to get ahead of the crew. This morning I put the new truck in four wheel drive mode and ventured on the snowy roads to check some site measurements for the signs in progress. While the snow is very beautiful it is not what we like to see on a construction site.

I'm looking forward to the rain melting it all tonight!

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment