Home Sweet Home

We are a home based company and have been from the start, about forty years ago. Janis & I purposely chose to work from home so our growing family was never far away. For many years I worked in a spare room, a basement studio or out of the garage. Twelve years ago when it was finally time to build a proper studio/shop we decided to built it at the back of our property, the house at the front. There is about 300 feet of rolling lawn in-between. The distance between the shop and house is just far enough that the noise, dust and smoke we create out there doesn't bother those who are in the house.

Whenever Janis needs me she gives me a buzz and I come running (literally). It's not that she demands it, but rather a way for me to get my exercise. On most days there are many trips made back and forth including when I come to the house for lunch. My favorite trip of the day is after the crew leaves each afternoon around 4:30. I spend  little more time doing my closing chores and then I take one last look back before switching off the lights and locking the shop door. Then I take a leisurely stroll back to the house and enjoy the view. In the winter months the sun has already set and the sky is starting to darken. The giant walnut tree is silhouetted against the sky. In the house the lights are on, and through the large windows at the back of the house I can see someone is busy getting supper ready (unless it's my turn to cook). It makes me smile for after a busy day there is no where else I would rather be and I'm glad it's only a short walk.

I am home sweet home.

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment