Learning new things

To me it amazing how fast Peter and the crew are upping the bar with each piece that goes through the shop. When this project started we made that our goal and it is so exciting to see the improvement in the last months. Everyone is rising to the challenge and enjoying it too.

The Dingy House was to recieve its last sculptured mud today and with it a new technique would be explored... cracked and aged plaster over the rockwork that was done yesterday. We knew a few tricks (untested yet) and were confident we would figure out the rest as the project proceeded. Each time a new technique is explored Peter or myself will test the waters and then once a basic style is set everyone follows but also experiments more as we go. This would be no different. I carved for a few minutes but was out of the studio for much of the day. I followed the progress as I was able. The results were stunning. It's hard to believe it was all hand carved and will look ten times better when the paint is applied.

The crew also managed to do the bottom half of the golf tower as well.

It was a great day with lots learned too. It doesn't get better than that!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment