Neigh - a pirate horse!

It's huge fun to see just how far we can push the theme with endless visual gags. Pirates would have a pirate horse of course and we would think that every cliche in the book would apply. So why not a peg ;eg and a pirate patch on his eye. All done in sculpted concrete to easily withstand anything that the guests in the park may dish out.

The sturdy structural frame was filled out with a welded pencil rod armature. The cew then tied on the diamind lath. Today it was time for the sculpted fiberglass reinforced concrete. First a rough coat of our magic mix is troweled on - no easy task, espeially on the upside down bits.

This cement mud is allowed to set just the right amount of time before it is ready to carve. The crew must work quickly, at the same speed and in the same order at which the mud was applied.

The end product is one delightful horse complete with eye patch and peg leg - pulling a rowboat wagon.


-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment