Gruffles come to life!

I often get asked what it is that I do for a living. My answer is that we specialize in 3D projects with a definite cartoon bent. The next question is do I find enough work to keep me busy? The answer is yes - times ten people. Few could even imagine this possible - especially in a small town far from a large city.

As time goes by and our reputation grows we are getting more of this specialized work all the time with no end in sight. It's very cool!

We've begun work on the signs for the various rides which will all feature one of the Gruffle characters we have designed. It is great fun to translate the 2D concept art into 3D versions of the characters. During last weekend's Scupture Magic Workshop Peter and I worked on two of the characters as our demonstration pieces.

Peter tackled Specs who will sit atop the sign (in a crows nest of course) for the Crow's Nest, a spinning drop ride. Peter still has to sculpt the top portion of Spec's torso and the arms yet but he is a fun character already.

I worked on Tupper, the accountant, who is master of the spinning coaster called Pieces of Eight

In the next while we'll construct the armatures for the posts and bases of the signs around which we will sculpt the concrete. To these we'll add the dimensional lettering and then fancy paint to finish things off. This is dimensional sign work at it's wildest.

-grampa dan

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