On a large piece like the KRAKEN every step is important. It all starts with the design of course. The frame is critical and as we work our way through the subframe and then the welded pencil rod the form of the piece comes together. The sculpted concrete further defines the piece and at this point we are gererally pretty happy.

Then the painting begins and the piece always comes to life in a hurry. But it isn't until the last day when the layers of glaze go on that it becomes what I first imagined. Today was that day for the KRAKEN and it was pure magic.

After the last purple glaze but before the turquoise patinas we painted on the symbols. It was time to inject some humor. The skull with the wrenches was a given as it is the symbol that will be everywhere through the park. The legendary and much feared KRAKEN took out many pirate ships in it's time and it was fitting that those conquests be noted on the starboard flank of the ship. Just for fun we included a small island and a rowboat as well. Hailey also suggested a surfer which we thought was a perfect visual joke. We recruited Phil who is visiting from Australia to help paint the graphics. After the graphics were dry the crew expertly applied the turqoise patinas to finish it off.

On the other side we painted the big skull. We also painted the sub's name and the Trinidad and Tobago flag. For the name we decided to honor a former team member. Ryan joined our crew back in 1996 (or so) and worked with us for four years full time. He was a strong (super star) member of our team and we remember him fondly. Ryan is now a fireman for the city of Halifax - his dream job. We are very proud of him and his achievements.

As we thought about how to honor Ryan McCracken his last name was our first thought but we decided to go for something a little less obvious. The early mariners navigated by the stars and the constellation Orion seemed to be perfct name for this unusual and original craft. We changed the spelling a little as our artistic licence allows. This one's for you Ryan!

The four top arms still remain to be finished but they won't be attached until it arrives on site in Trinidad. I can hardly wait to see it all together.

Tomorrow our guests will arrive for the 2014 Sculpture Magic Workshop. We'll be pulling out the stops to make it one of the most memorable ever. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

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