Driving to my happy place

We all have a place that is our happy place. This place is where we can forget our cares and simply enjoy the moment and perhaps think about what might be down the road. I have a few such places. One of them is when I jump on our little garden tractor and mow the lawn. It is a sunny day job. With the noise of the mower I can't hear my cell phone, and there are few outside distractions. I simply have to steer the mower and watch out for things on the lawn that don't need mowing. With the slow pace of the mower that leaves plenty of time to think, dream and to go to my happy place.

Locally we are enjoying a stretch of warmer than usual temperatures. We've been seeing temperatures into the double digits (Celcius) which is into the low 50's on the farenheight scale. It certainly isn't summer but still pretty awesome for this time of year! It's only January 18 and yet the grass has been sprouting of late and even getting a little shaggy, especially in the middle of the lawn that gets the most sunshine. It was time to take a drive with the mower before things got totally out of control!

I cruised the lawn, enjoying the warm sunshine for a bit more than half an hour. As I circled the lawn my mind was far away, thinking of all the cool things we would do to the place this summer. It was so good to get back to my happy place. As I mowed I also noticed the trees are starting to bud furiously which can mean only one thing. Spring, my favorite season, is right around the corner. I can hardly wait!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment