Double delivery

Since we had hired the crane to install the giant log we decided to do the tree for the tree fort at the same time. We loaded it onto my flatbed tailer and made the trip at the same time as the log. Once the log was in place we repositioned the crane truck and hooked up the tree. It was a lighter load but an even further reach. John swung it out over Giggle Ridge golf to put it into position. He had to lift it very high to clear three trees in the way.

Once it was close (as far as John could reach) a bunch of us pushed it over and we managed to get one side of the base bolted down. Then we tipped the tree into position for the final bolt down.

We'll build the root system of the tree in place. This is the tree that will hold up the tree fort that is currently being fabricated in the shop. Two rope bridges will attach to it making it a very fun place for kids to go to. The fort is inside Giggle Ridge Adventure Golf which means the kids climbing here will be able to have a great view through that facility. I took this overview photograph of the Wilderness Adventure area at the end of today's workday. The concrete pad to the left of the water tower will hold up the first bridge tower that is now ready in our shop. The concrete footing just in front of the little building with the blue chimney will house the second bridge tower that is also in construction in the shop. The tree we installed today is peeking from behind the giant fir tree. The fourth connecting point for the swinging rope bridges is the concrete work to the extreme left. Three swinging bridges will connect those points. A fourth rope bridge will come down from the treehouse to a platform behind the water tower. It is all going to be very cool!

There are plenty more areas for kids to explore in this area including the winding caves under the walkway and the giant log of course. We have many more surprises in store as well. I can hardly wait to see it all in use!

-grampa dan

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