One more!

As we begin the latest large project it is my personal challenge to get ahead of my ever growing crew. They in turn take great joy in pushing me constantly with their rapid progress. They of course work only forty hours per week. I on the other hand can put in some extra time to stay ahead if I have to. 

My job description includes the design, managing the crew, creating the routing files and running the machine, welding up the structural frames for the features and doing a little sculpting as I am able. My talented and hard working helpers attach the expanded lath, help with the sculpting and do most of the painting. There is one of me and currently eight of them.

It all works well until I get interrupted to take phone calls, attend meetings, do site visits, and a hundred other things that happen each day that are not in my plans. This means I can and will cheat a little to stay ahead of my fine crew (when they aren't looking)

Today (while they were off enjoing the weekend) I spent a couple hours in the shop welding up one more feature for the project. I also couldn't resist gluing up the sign that perches on top. The bird is yet to come.

This sign, like many of the other projects will be tricky to attach the lath, mud, sculpt and paint as well. My crew believes I do it complicated just so I can keep ahead. :)

-grampa dan

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