The view from my window - part two

Today was a busy one at our house. No one wanted to start work until they saw the giant machine take the first swipes at the old house. In less than an hour it was nothing but a pile of rubble. It came down at the skillful hands of our operator and the new house didn't even suffer a scratch.

Phoebe even got a chance to take a turn at the controls. Check out her concentration as she worked.

By the end of the day all of the debris was gone leaving a giant hole where the house was. Tomorrow we begin hauling fill back in and shaping the final contours of the yard. The views from and towards the house had improved remarkably. My view at suppertime looked like this...

As I sat at my desk in my studio this evening I could at last see Janis through the kitchen window. I also could see the rear of the house for the first time since we began this project over a year ago. It was cool!

I love the view from my window!

-grampa dan

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