The dreaded second side

Back in the day when I actually painted signs by hand I discovered I loved painting truck doors, or at least the first side. The passenger door wasn't nearly as much fun. I found that if I hopped from side to side and then finished both at about the same time it wasn't nearly as boring. With the mechanical fish I used the same technique. Each time I worked on it I tried to finish both sides to the same state in the same sitting. The reward the next time I sat down to work on the fish would be a brnd new section. It works for me.

Tonight after supper I squeezed in another hour or so on the fish. All of the 'metal' plates and rivets are now in place on the body of the fish. Only the two wings and motors are left to do before I move on to the sculpting of the dock and base. I should be able to finish the sculpting on the fish in the next session.

After all those rivets on the mechnical fish it is going to be fun to sculpt some stone work - ar at least the first pillar. :)

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment