What is normal?

The definition of normal always needs context. At our home and studio things are pretty normal, most of the time - at least for us. We work, largely unnoticed  at the back of our property. Pastoral fields and lofty mountians surround us. It is our lifestyle and we enjoy it to the max.

This evening as I left the shop I looked out over the many pieces of freshly painted trim curing on the concrete driveway and decided to snap a picture. All was well. As I opened the picture on my computer a few minutes later it made me laugh. The carefully layered paint on the thousands of hearts, along with our steam train in the background was more than a little surreal. Out of frame a giant dragon loomed to the left. It was absolutely normal for our house but surely not common just about anywhere else I know.

Life is good and perfectly normal at our house.

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment