A little four wheel fun

A while back one of the projects we did was especially fun for me. A store chain that catered to the four wheel drive crowd wanted display stands that would hold catalogues. It would greet everyone who entered their stores. I came up with the idea of a four wheel truck perched on top of a rock. I didn't have to search for inspiration for I knew exactly what I would build.

Decades ago I had such a vehicle. We dubbed it the 'Bionic Banana' for it had a big transplanted motor and mechanics and was painted bright yellow. 

The project was a team effort with Phoebe helping to carve the rocks.

We did two style vehicles - an old style Jeep and a 1930's pickup.

The end result was a catalogue stand that was hard to not notice. I love this kind of fun project!

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments