Bridgeton, Indiana

For the last five days I've been on the road. I was one of five seasoned professionals teaching workshops to signmakers from across Canada and the USA in the small town of Bridgetown, Indiana. Internet and cellphone service were non-existent in this tiny community but it was OK for I was busy from the time I got up until I fell into bed many, many hours later each day. It was a good time! Here's a picture of the group.

Bridgeton was a lovely little town, famous for it's covered bridge, one of thirty-one in the county. The bridge was rebuilt from scratch in 2006.

It also has the longest continuous operation grain mill in the state as well. I enjoyed a tour of the mill which is in the process of being lovingly rebuilt.

It was a good break for me to do a little teaching. I come home ready and eager to kick things in gear at home once more.

-grampa dan

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