Big day tomorrow!

With only a few hours to go Whistle Punk Hollow was abuzz with activity. Family and friends gathered from near and far for the final push and cleanup. The gates were installed, light standards bolted into place, Hole markers and signs put in place and a hundred other details taken care of. Jeff & Janice served a tasty roast beef dinner on hole twelve to celebrate the completion of a wonderful project. It looks great!

After supper and a quick round of golf as it got dark we gathered the tools one last time.

Tomorrow morning, early, the last of the bark mulch will go in and then a flurry of cleanup will happen before the official opening at noon sharp. Congratulations Jeff and Janice and to all your helpers too for a job well done!

I can hardly wait to see the first happy golfers. I know from experience they will be lined up at the gate.

I'll be taking lots of pictures for sure.

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment