Exciting but uneventful

Delivery days can be stressful at times but today was my favorite kind of day. Exciting but uneventful. My dad rode shotgun today as we drove to Squamish. I value his vast experience on days like this. He tends to stand to the sidelines but he's quick to offer suggestions when needed.

The Squamish owners and crew were hard at work as we arrived and all smiles as we drove in. In the last week they had got an amazing amount done. Many truckloads of soil and gravel had been hauled onto the site and carefully (and skillfully) placed. What had been a flat piece of ground a few weeks ago is now a large hill with the serious beginnings of an adventure golf course winding through it. I had to drive to the backside of the property for the unload. Jeff and I measured up the truck, did a little digging and packing and then hooked up the lifting beam to the truck and excavator. Jeff carefully lifted the heavy load and then backed up over a hill and then swing the truck into position. The tricky operation only took a few minutes but I think Janice went through a full set of fingernails as we did. Jeff carefully lowered the truck into position.

Everyone in the small crowd breathed a sign of relief as the chains went slack. The logging truck was in place without a scratch. I climbed up to unhook the chains.

Janice and Jeff jumped in the cab to celebrate the smooth move with a test drive :)

It was after all a very enjoyable day for a drive!

-grampa dan