Instant wood

The details matter a great deal in every project we do. For the WhistlePunk Adventure Golf we are also busy working on the many signs that will be placed around the golf. All will be dimensional of course and themed  to fit into their surroundings perfectly.

We are using modern materials so the signs last a long, long time and look good that entire time. Although the signs will look like they are made from weathered wood they are actually carved from Precision Board, high density urethane and machined on a high tech MultiCam CNC router.

The hole number markers are now glued up and ready for finishing. 

The rule signs were routed yesterday. The computerized router ran all night as I slept soundly.

This morning the signs were cut and ready to laminate the fronts and backs. 

The next task is to hand carve woodgrain into all the edges. Then it is off to the paint department for the magic to make them look like real wood. Stay tuned for pictures of that progress.

-grampa dan