Having fun and calling it (serious) work

We are getting very excited about the upcoming workshops to be held in our shop starting mid April. Both workshops are booked full and we have a whole bunch of eager folks coming from literally around the world. A few are local, as per normal. Some are travelling across Canada to attend. Others are coming from Ohio, Oregon, New York, California, Texas, and Colorado. Some are travelling much further from far flung places like Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand.

It is our serious goal to exceed all expectations of all who come - no small task.

One of our tasks is to create a welcoming name plaque for each attendee - almost 30 plaques in all. Each one is uinique and is designed to showcase the skills we teach. When the workshop is done we ask them to sign onto our wall of fame and in return they get to take their name plaque home with them.

The name plaques are currently in full paint process, some already done. And they look fabulous. Bec is in charge of designing the color schemes and she takes the opportunity to be pretty creative - always trying new things. Here she is putting the final touches to Alan's name plaque. Alan is making the journey from New Zealand to attend both workshops.  

We are counting the days now...

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments