More pieces of imagination.

Creating twenty-five unique and creative name plaques is a wonderful challenge. While the name plaques are an important component of the workshops they also serve other purposes. 

They say if we really want to learn we simply have to teach. I've certainly found that to be true. As I teach the workshops I quickly find out what I dont know. I always have my ears and eyes open to my students for as much as I try to teach them I find they teach me more.

As I design the many name plaques it is a chance to brush up on the things we will cover in the workshops. The projects stretch my imagination and allow me to push the limits and try new things. I constantly learn new things. In the proces I become a better equipped teacher.

Here's a few of today's name plaques.


Each member of our team also gets a name plaque for the workshop. The ladies all have one from previous workshops but the two Matts needed one of their own.

-grampa dan