Animal challenge

Drawing animals has always been something I have struggled with. The solution at first was to simply avoid animals if I possibly could. But like anything it is mostly a matter of practice. If I wanted to draw animals well I had to do it and do it plenty. The more I practiced the better I became at drawing. Now after more than fifty years of drawing I can manage.

Cartooning is another skill that was gathered over many years. In the last few years sculpting has become something I really enjoy, Over the last years I've done quite the menagerie.. Moose, deer, bears, elephants, horses, rhinoseros, squirrels, chickens, llamas, dragons, dinosaurs and a strange herd of others have been sculpted in my studio. The more animals I do, the more confident and comfortable I am creating them.

The more animals sculptures we get out there, the more calls we get to do them too. And that's a good thing!

-grampa dan